Practice 360 is an ongoing eDOCSNL initiative designed to increase clinical value and practice efficiencies in the EMR (Electronic Medical Record). 

Practice 360 aligns with help you leverage the intelligent features of the EMR to support and evaluate guidelines based and preventive care, presenting providers with the information they need for best practice decision making.  Data provided by the EMR through the Practice 360 tools will enable the evaluation and refinement of guidelines and supports health system changes that will benefit all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.

eDOCSNL will support users with adoption and use of these tools. The tools are accompanied by training materials to ensure users are familiar with how to access and use them most effectively. Our staff will be happy to provide virtual or in-person support as well, please email to request support.

Why use the Practice 360 tools?

  • They are designed to support guidelines-based care
  • The tools leverage the intelligent features of the EMR to provide at-a-glance patient summaries and support clinical decision making
  • Reporting dashboards help you leverage the information you have collected to understand your patient population
  • Efficiency measures incorporated into the tools make following guidelines easy
  • The templates and care plans represent a one-stop-shop approach to documentation and clinical information gathering and presentation

Provincially Deployed Practice 360 Tools (Click to learn more)

Diabetes Tools
COPD Tools
Preventive Care Plan
Provincial Screening Triggers
WorkplaceNL Physician’s Report
Provincial Sidebar
Heart Failure Tools
Choosing Wisely Antimicrobial Rx Template
Documenting Gender in NL

Change Request Process

Do you have suggestions on how to improves these tools or have noticed elements of guidelines-based care missing from our disease-specific tools? If so, you could consider submitting a change request using the form below. Changes will be evaluated by the program and our Clinical Advisory Committee for inclusion in future releases. Not all suggestions will result in a change as there is the provincial scope of the tools to keep in mind but we are always striving to improve the clinical value of what we produce.

Change Request Form

Tools In Development

  • Heart Failure Management Tools
  • Hypertension Management Tools
  • Frailty tools
  • Panel Management Dashboard
  • Clinical Management Dashboard
  • Gender Identity Content
  • Extended Past History Care Plan
  • Continuous development and quality improvement for previously released tools…