Blended Capitation Model Panel (“Roster”) Management Support

Disclaimer: the information provided by eDOCSNL on this website is intended to support Providers in obtaining information/data from the EMR for evaluating the Blended Capitation Model in relation to their own practice. Providers are responsible for validating any data produced from reports referenced.  Any decisions made by Providers pertaining to the Blended Capitation Model as a result of the materials and guidance below is solely the responsibility of the Provider and eDOCSNL cannot be held liable for these decisions or their consequences.

The Provincial Government and the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association (NLMA) have reached an agreement on a new Blended Capitation Payment Model for family physicians in the province. Please see the NLMA website below:

Supporting Materials for Panel Management

In order to understand the impact of the blended capitation payment model on physician practices, the physician must have a good understanding of their patient panel. This will involve undergoing a patient panel clean-up process which can be facilitated through the use of the MyQ dashboard, using the supporting documentation below. The MyQ dashboard has been rolled out across the province, so is in all EMR instances in Newfoundland and Labrador. For further information on how to access and use this dashboard for blended capitation purposes, please see the user guide below:

For specific questions about the Blended Capitation Model, please reach out to