EMR and other eHealth Service Interruptions

This page will contain notifications of known issues with EMR that may be affecting large numbers of users in the province and/or outages of the EMR or one or more of its components. If there are no posts on this page, then eDOCSNL is unaware of any widespread issues with EMR or its components. If you are experiencing problems not indicated here we would suggest you follow your normal support pathways to make us and/or Telus aware.

February 22, 2024: Digital Health email issue

An issue with Digital Health email servers is under investigation. The issue is preventing staff at eDOCSNL (and other Digital Health programs) from receiving external emails. If you are trying to reach one of our staff for support by email you may be unsuccessful with this. If you get a notification of email non-delivery when reaching out to program staff then please call your Practice Advisor or send an email to info@edocsnl.ca, which appears to be unaffected.

February 26, 2024: Notice of upcoming maintenance affecting HEALTHeNL access

Please be advised that system maintenance will be completed from 9:30 pm NST Sunday, February 25 to 12:00 am NST Monday February 26 on the Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile application. Users who are outside of NL Health Services Hospital Network and require 2-factor authentication to log in will be unable to access HEALTHe NL during this time. This issue will not affect the EMR launch in context view of HEALTHeNL , only when you use Entrust to log into the stand-alone HEALTHeNL application.