Provincial Sidebar

eDOCSNL has developed and deployed a custom sidebar based on suggestions from our user community to increase the amount and value of information available at a glance while using a patient record. Using the sidebar, it is possible to see many items that are not available in the default sidebar, organized in a more intuitive fashion, according to user feedback. Based on guidance from the eDOCSNL Program’s Clinical Advisory Committee, an updated version of the provincial NL CPP Sidebar, called “*eDOCSNL NL CPP Sidebar” is now available in all EMRs:

Some improvements in the new Sidebar include:

  • the addition of new widgets (boxes), such as “INRs (Most Recent 5)”.
  • the added details that will now display within widgets, such as Goal details.
  • the reordering of the widgets; and
  • the ability to individually manage selected population-based primary care Clinical Decision Support (CDS) screening triggers/maneuvers through the use of applying and cancelling Goals.  (Please refer to the Provincial Clinical Decision Support Triggers section above for more details.)

For more information on how to access and use the Provincial Sidebar, please click the link below:

Provincial Sidebar User Guide