Diabetes Management Tools

eDOCSNL is proud to announce the introduction of a set of Diabetes tools developed in collaboration with Diabetes Canada. The tools consist of a guidelines- based visit template and care plan with clinical efficiency features as well as a reporting dashboard for population level care and monitoring. See below for the supporting documentation to enable use of the Practice 360 Diabetes Tools.  Please make sure you are able to view the notes on the slides when you view the presentations.

Training GuidesDetails
Diabetes Tools 1: Introduction to the Diabetes ToolsetWhat the Diabetes toolset represents and how it will benefit your practice
Diabetes Tools 2: Configuring your EMR to use the Diabetes ToolsWhat will need to be done in your EMR instances to allow optimal performance of the toolset
Diabetes Tools 3: Using the Diabetes Visit TemplateHow to navigate and use the Diabetes Visit Template
Diabetes Tools 4: Care Plan and GoalsHow to effectively navigate guidelines-based patient care and monitoring using care plans and goals
Diabetes Tools 5: Efficiency featuresHow the use of the Diabetes toolset can make Diabetes care more efficient and effective
Diabetes Tools 6: The Reporting DashboardUsing the Diabetes reporting dashboard to understand and manage your Diabetes patient population
Diabetes Tools 7: Supporting the GuidelinesHow the use of the Practice 360 Diabetes Toolset supports guidelines-based practice

Provider CME Recording: Diabetes Tools – May 12, 2022

Provider CME Presentation Slides – May 12, 2022

Since the launch of the original Diabetes template, eDOCSNL has consulted with busy providers and received a lot of feedback on the use of the Diabetes tools.  The common themes from this feedback indicate that, in some practice settings, the original template does not fit with existing workflow but does contain numerous features of value, including Triggers, embedded templates, resources and automatically populated labs.  As a result, we have decided to deploy an abbreviated version of the template that captures the features felt to be of value while at the same time preserving familiar workflow by supplementing your existing documentation template, rather than replacing it. Please click the link below for assistance with accessing and using this new tool.

Diabetes CDS Mini-Template User Guide