Provincial Screening Clinical Decision Support Triggers

eDOCSNL is pleased to announce the delivery of a set of provincial screening clinical decision support triggers in the EMR aligned with national and provincial screening guidelines.  Please see the educational documents provided below for information on how to access and use these alerts.

Screening Triggers – FFS User Guide

Using CDS Triggers in a Community Practice

One-Pager: CDS Triggers

Brief Description of the Screening Triggers and their value in clinical practice

Users commonly report that the screening triggers are unable to be disabled on a per patient basis. For example, the pap smear goal cannot be made not to activate on a patient who meets the usual criteria for a pap smear but does not need one for other clinical reasons. We have now addressed this problem by linking some of the triggers to patient goals. Thus, when the goal is marked as no longer indicated the trigger no longer activates. Please see the document below for additional detail as to how to implement this new feature that significantly increases the value and usability of the screening triggers.

Cancelling Triggers using Goals