eDOCSNL is excited to unveil Practice 360, an ongoing eDOCSNL initiative designed to increase clinical value and practice efficiencies in the EMR for providers in Newfoundland and Labrador.  The initiative will not only support guidelines-based care of chronic disease and national screening and preventive care strategies but also provide tools to better understand your practice.  The EMR tools deployed through the initiative will be accompanied by training materials and media to ensure users are familiar with how to access and use them most effectively.

Practice 360 aligns with the eDOCSNL Strategic Plan by leveraging the intelligent and standardized features of the EMR to support and evaluate guidelines based and preventive care, presenting providers with the information they need for best practice decision making.  Data provided by the EMR through the Practice 360 tools will enable the evaluation and refinement of guidelines and supports health system changes that will benefit all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.



Provincial Screening Clinical Decision Support Triggers

eDOCSNL is pleased to announce the delivery of a set of provincial screening clinical decision support triggers in the EMR aligned with national and provincial screening guidelines.  Please see the educational documents provided below for information on how to access and use these alerts.

COPD Smart Tools for Care

The program is supporting the Family Practice Renewal Program with its COPD fee code roll-out by developing and deploying a provincial standard EMR visit template. To accompany the launch, we have also developed a COPD care plan and reporting dashboard for population level visibility. See below for the supporting documentation and training videos to enable use of the Practice 360 COPD Toolset.

COPD Toolset Training – Videos

COPD Toolset Training – Guides

Diabetes Smart Tools for Care

Currently the program is refining a previously-released set of Diabetes tools in collaboration with Diabetes Canada and will deploy them across the province with an accompanying change management strategy. The toolset consists of a guidelines based visit template with clinical efficiency features as well as a care plan that reinforces guidelines based care and a reporting dashboard for population level visibility. The roll-out of these tools with be accompanied by a Change Management exercise and CME accredited learning sessions. Stay tuned for more information.