Waitlist Tips & Tricks

Did you know?

Completing a waitlist task removes the patient from that waitlist.

Clicking the “Show in task list” icon (see outlined image) next to the waitlist icon will make the task appear in “Waitlist” and “My Tasks.”, When an assignee completes the task, the patient will also be removed from the “Waitlist” and the “My Tasks” as it is the same task.

Waitlists can be backdated to capture days already waiting and/or post-dated for “not due until” to make managing the waitlist more accurate.

If unsure of the category and type of waitlist filter viewed on a dashboard, hover over the menu icon and select the filter icon that appears in the widget to see the information. If your task does not contain an exact match to the selections in the filter, the patient will not appear on the waitlist.

Contact info@edocsnl.ca for any additional waitlist questions you may have!