We normally hear from those who have discovered them that Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Triggers and patient Goals are incredibly valuable feature in the software.

A combination of CDS Triggers and Goals can (among other things):

  • Remind you of when a test or screening maneuver is due (e.g. mammogram, pap smear, etc)
  • Alert you when a piece of information is added to a chart that you were unaware of (e.g. alerting when a patient has unreviewed test results)
  • Draw your attention to an abnormal result or a custom clinical flag (e.g. the patient has three out of range A1c’s in the last year, or has a specified condition but has not been prescribed an appropriate medication)
  • Provide an at a glance summary of patient metrics relevant to their medical history that you would like to follow or order on a cadence
  • Focus patient encounters by providing a summary of the patient’s health status relevant to their medical history
  • Provide a population level view of screening, preventive medicine, and guidelines-based care using the reporting feature to detect overdue or out of target goals

Here are some examples (from test patient charts):

Some examples of possible goals that might be tracked in a patient with Diabetes
Some examples of possible CDS Triggers and demographic reminders

eDOCSNL would like to assist you with optimizing your EMR use for maximum efficiency and clinical value. Please reach out to us at info@edocsnl.ca for more information and to get assistance with setting up custom goals and triggers relevant to your practice.