Practice 360 is an initiative to deliver tools for chronic disease management, preventive care and practice management to Newfoundland and Labrador EMR users. Thanks to the work of our Clinical Advisory Committee, which counts many end-user clinicians among its membership, eDOCSNL has deployed the following new tools to all Med Access instances in Newfoundland and Labrador:

NEW Gender Documentation Profile Item:

Telus released a Gender Identity field in the demographics tab of patient charts nationally in 2023, but it was not felt to align with NL direction and values. We committed to release a tool specific to NL end users and that tool is now here in the form of a Social Profile item called “Sex and Gender”. Please see more information on this long awaited content HERE.

NEW Simplified Diabetes Template:

In response to user feedback we have introduced a simplified version of the Diabetes template that can be loaded into your existing SOAP note or other documentation template. This template contains only clinical alerts, embedded forms and tasks relevant to Diabetes care, a patient and provider resource library and automatically populated lab values. These were the core elements of the larger template that users indicated would be of most value in a practice setting where there is not enough time to complete the original template. Please see more information on the simplified template HERE.

NEW Provincial Sidebar:

eDOCSNL has updated the former NL CPP Sidebar to present a reorganization and more detail of key information in the patient’s chart. This sidebar can also be used to manage selected Screening Triggers (see below) by canceling associated Goals on a per patient basis.

Screening Clinical Decision Support Triggers applied to your patient population can now be disabled on a per patient basis:

By popular request, some screening triggers can now be canceled on a per-patient basis when they are no longer required. For instance, you can disable the pap smear trigger from firing on a patient who no longer requires one, for whatever clinical reason. This addresses one of the most common complaints with the triggers and significantly increases their value and usability. For more information on this see HERE and for general information on the screening triggers see HERE.

NEW Default Prescription Writer template:

Working with the provincial Choosing Wisely group, the Program will deploy a new default Prescription Writer observation template for all users in the province with links to guidelines for the use of antimicrobials and decision support tools for considering alternatives. This template should deploy in December and will appear on the right side of the Rx every time you access the prescription writer (if you are using the current default template). If you have suggestions about any other enhancements that would be valuable to see on this template, please let us know!

COMING SOON – Heart Failure Tools

eDOCSNL is working with NLHS Cardiology Services and the Canadian Cardiovascular Services to develop and deploy a set of guidelines-based EMR tools for the management of Heart Failure in Primary Care settings across the province. These tools are currently being evaluated in a pilot and will be broadly released in late 2024/early 2025, following a provider CME activity which will be announced when dates are solidified.