Provincial Transition to new HIS and CHR Update

If you were unaware, the program has tentatively made plans to move to a new software solution for EMR in the province, the Collaborative Health Record, a product of Telus Health. We have been working with Telus to define timelines for this transition and, due to technical issues and development requirements, this transition has encountered multiple delays.

We want to reassure our users that eDOCSNL will not deploy the CHR, or any other solution, until it meets the needs of providers in our province. At this time, timelines for first deployment of the CHR in Newfoundland are unclear and we will provide updates as they become available.

In the meantime, the province has approved a move to a replacement for Meditech. This may be creating some confusion in the EMR community as to whether this product is intended to replace EMR instead. To date we have not received any indication that this is the intention and the product has not been evaluated for use in the settings where EMR is normally deployed.

For the time being, the program will continue to deploy, develop and support Med Access to meet the needs of providers in NL. If this changes, you will be provided with ample advance notice.