Turning off paper results delivery

One of the benefits of eDOCSNL membership is the electronic delivery of clinical results. Usually, when you go-live on EMR (Electronic Medical Record) your paper results delivery would be automatically turned off. Currently this applies only to lab results and comes with several considerations outlined below. If you notice post go-live that your lab results delivery on paper does not change, please reach out to the program at info@edocsnl.ca. There are circumstances wherein turning off paper delivery at EMR go-live is not appropriate, we are happy to discuss this with you during your expression of interest call and/or clinical needs assessment.

As of December 2, 2019, patient results for select laboratory reports, already distributed electronically to your EMR, will no longer be mailed on paper to eDOCSNL providers. From this date, these select results will only be received electronically through the EMR. Laboratory results are the first category of results affected by this change. Work is currently progressing towards turning off paper Diagnostic Imaging results. This new process will not eliminate the distribution of all paper lab results being sent to clinics as not all patient results are currently distributed to EMRs electronically.

The following is a list of lab results that will continue to be mailed and are not delivered electronically to the Med Access EMR:

  • Lab prefixes for Molecular Genetics, Forensics and Autopsies.
  • Scanned lab reports. However any referred in reports that are entered into Lab Meditech via E/E routines and verified will transmit.
  • Unreceived samples (this includes the auto-cancellation of unreceived samples).
  • Patients/specimens entered in the Lab Facility (used for QC, non-lab specimens and specific confidential patients).
  • Corrected Laboratory/Micro/BBK errors (all patient results must first be re-verified).
  • Corrected registration errors.

Now that the fail-safe of paper results delivery is turned off, you must keep in mind the following: