Withdrawing from eDOCSNL?

The first step in leaving the program is filling out a provider termination form which can be found here. This form must be submitted to eDOCSNL at least 90 days before retiring from the EMR (Electronic Medical Record). This period is needed for the program to make all the necessary steps to safely transition away from eResults to paper, to allow for data extract from the instance if required, and to work with the vendor to terminate your account.

Cancelling the EMR subscription is only one piece of what is required when leaving the EMR. The CPSNL and other regulatory bodies provide guidance to providers as to how to properly transition records and deal with outstanding clinical information. Providers should seek advice from their regulatory bodies when leaving the EMR.

Information specific to retiring from practice

Leaving practice can be a stressful experience. Leaving your EMR practice can add to the complexity of the experience. If you take the appropriate preparatory steps, leaving an EMR based practiced does not have to be an additional burden.

Providers needing some specific guidance through the retirement process from an EMR perspective should refer to this document:

Providers needing some specific guidance through the process of leaving an EMR clinic without retiring from practice should refer to this document: