5 Benefits of eDOCS NL


Improved Clinical Support

  • eDOCSNL will improve clinical support to encourage increased quality and effectiveness of patient care and a physician’s medical practice. Once built and fully integrated, eDOCSNL will provide a superior solution for physicians in Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Access to more comprehensive patient information improves the quality of care by supporting better decisions about medications, diagnoses and treatments.
  • eDOCSNL will manage the integration of the Med Access EMR with the provincial electronic health record, HEALTHe NL, which provides access to key clinical information which can be saved in the patient’s EMR record. HEALTHe NL includes patient medication profiles, lab data, diagnostic imaging, admission, discharge and transfer reports and clinical documents from the Regional Health Authorities. Through eDOCSNL, Med Access will also integrate with MCP, the Client Registry and the Provider Registry.

Increased Accessibility

  • eDOCSNL improves access to current patient information and increases communication between health care providers in multiple care settings.
  • Med Access mobile app means physicians will have secure remote access to patient data anytime and anywhere.

Increased Efficiency

  • Access to a patient’s clinical information available in eDOCSNL will reduce the amount of time spent calling other clinicians for information. Over time, this will reduce duplication of tests, saving time and money.
  • In the future, eDOCSNL will be integrated with the province's MCP system, which will create billing efficiencies for physicians.
  • eDOCSNL will manage the relationship with the TELUS Health so physicians can focus on patient care, not software or technical issues.

Increased Value

  • eDOCSNL provides ongoing training and change management support to physicians. Its peer-to-peer support network will connect physicians and office staff using eDOCSNL with their peers throughout the province.
  • The monthly cost of eDOCSNL is split (70% by the provincial government and 30% by the physician). This structure allows physicians to avail of significant additional value by being part of eDOCSNL, and makes eDOCSNLthe best choice for an EMR solution in a physician’s practice.

Improved Privacy and Security

  • eDOCSNL is run on TELUS Health’s Med Access. Med Access is next-generation EMR software designed specifically for use over the Internet, and is presented via a modern web browser.
  • Med Access also provides rigorous data management with back up to professionally managed, redundant data centres so physicians do not have to worry about back-ups or disaster recovery.
  • Only physicians and authorized staff are allowed to view a patient's profile. All users require a two-factor authentication to access eDOCSNL and Med Access keeps a record of each time a profile is accessed, including when and by whom. Patients are entitled to see a copy of that audit record upon request.